The Goal

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Caribeda is a network of highly-skilled professionals.  Each has a range of skill sets aligned to Caribeda’s corporate vision and mission.  This diverse team spans the globe and holds a shared love for the region. Each member is personally committed to responsible Caribbean development, with the goal to protect each island’s individual history, local culture and heritage.

It is Caribeda’s strong belief that each island has an opportunity to guide its own growth and economic development while maintaining their individual cultures.  Rather than providing the usual “sun and fun” activities available on any island and competing for the same tourist dollars, this philosophy will result in new and unique economic opportunities which should expand the pie, rather than divide it.

Our primary goal is to: identify development opportunities on islands and develop a good balanced development plan in keeping with the government policy.  We do not only want to develop but create skills, an endless back-up network and promote each island. As a consequence, the island will not need direct connection to our organization anymore.  In keeping with that, we try to work quietly behind the scenes.  It is in the best interest of the islands themselves that the credit goes back to the islands rather than outside sources.  Each project is assigned a separate team who collaborate with the other teams behind the scenes but are experts in their specific project.  This also gives each project a separate face to the public and enables each project to function independently of the others.

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